With the introduction of SST on September 1st, 2018, Sage will be offering our software and services based on a SST inclusive price. Thus there should be no additional "tax" on top of the prices that are published (SRP) on our products. There will be some minor adjustments to streamline the prices of all our products and we are pre-announcing these changes ahead of the implementation date to inform the general public. Majority of our prices remain the same as we absorb part of the SST impact. Find out more about the coming prices.

Revised Price List (SST Updaate) - effective 1st September 2018
(Price will change without prior notice)

Product  License SRP*   Sage Cover* 
Sage UBS
Sage UBS one Accounting & Billing (Single User) MYR 800  MYR 200 
Sage UBS Accounting & Billing (Single User) MYR 1,650  MYR 400 
  • Sage UBS Accounting & Billing User Pack
    ( Buy 2 User @ MYR 1,000 )
MYR 600  MYR 80 
Sage UBS Inventory (Single User) MYR 1,850  MYR 400 
  • Sage UBS Inventory User Pack
    ( Buy 2 User @ MYR 1,000 )
MYR 600  MYR 80 
Sage POS
Sage Point Of Sales MYR 1,100  MYR 200 
Sage BSM
Sage Building Services & Maintenance MYR 3,500  MYR 1000 
  • Sage BSM User Pack
    ( Buy 2 User @ MYR 1,000 )
MYR 600  MYR 80 

Sage Payroll

(includes Human Resource Management)

Payroll 15 Employees (Single User) MYR 500  MYR 150 
Payroll 30 Employees (Single User) MYR 1000  MYR 250 
Payroll 60 Employees (Single User) MYR 1,500  MYR 450 
Payroll 100 Employees (Single User) MYR 2,000  MYR 550 
Payroll 150 Employees (Single User) MYR 2,500  MYR 600 
Payroll Premium (Single User) MYR 3,000  MYR 650 
  • Sage Payroll User Pack
MYR 600  MYR 80 

*SST Inclusive



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